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//  Location: New York, USA
//  Genres: Singer/Songwriter, Jazz, Blues, World, Folk, Pop, Cabaret, Electronica
//  Years Active:  2005-Present
//  Website:
Short Bio

Miriam Waks is a diverse and dynamic vocalist, songwriter and performer. Her career began at the tender age of 10 when she performed solo at the Sydney Opera House. She sings in 17 languages and a plethora of musical styles.  She has performed at venues and residencies across the globe including New York, Buenos Aires, France, Cuba, Edinburgh, London, Italy, Brussels, India, Macau, Hong Kong & Australia. Miriam is an accomplished songwriter whose debut originals album Tales from a Room received excellent reviews and radio airplay in the US, Canada, and Australia. Also a talented comedienne, Miriam has enjoyed success with her alter-ego Mimi LaRue whose original satirical songs and music videos have delighted audiences around the globe. 

Press Quotes:

""Reelin' In The Years" from the same album is done in a dramatically slower tempo, which reveals surprising emotional depth—accentuated by the reed ensemble. Waks' singing here is a wonder, drawing every drop of feeling from the song." - All About Jazz, Mark Sullivan

"Featured vocalist Miriam Waks provides fantastic interpretations of Donald Fagen’s originals (sorry, no “Slang of Ages” here)." - Something Else Reviews, Preston Frazier


"Frontwoman Miriam Waks brings Donald Fagen’s allusively sinister, druggy lyrics into crystalline focus. Suddenly these songs make a lot of sense! What a treat for fans of the Dan." - New York Music Daily, delarue 

“There's a tantalizing, rolling dynamism..reminiscent of B.B. King…The highlight of Tales from a Room is Waks' voice, rich and delicate, with a striking exotic roundness, making it uniquely pleasing to listen to.” - Seattle Pi, Randall Radic


“Waks possesses a durably clear and pristine voice, well-balanced horizontally and vertically. She is fearless in the material she covers, seasoning all with her effervescence.” - All About Jazz, Michael Bailey


“It’s truly a testament to her charm and talent that people are willing to sit on buckets, the stairwell and even stand for her two-and-a-half-hour set…Waks’ voice is spectacularly versatile. There’s never a note out of place and her technique is flawless. Notably her higher notes and runs are so piercingly clear, she floors you when accompanied with a simple solo piano..Waks approaches the stage with vulnerability and quiet confidence. More than just a stunning performer she is an artist to watch whose curation is so thoughtful, I ran home and saved the whole set list to my Spotify account.” - Theatre Travels, Sasha Meaney


“Waks’ unique style is incredibly vibrant, shedding her own light on various themes and representations…Her style although unique can be seen a similarity to a mixture of Alison Krauss with a fistful of Joni Mitchell.” - The Weekly Spoon, Mase Shaw


“Her slinky but powerful vocal delivery itself calls back to the style of jazz chanteuses of another era, with the arrangement unfurling around her invoking licks of blues along the way. It’s not quite folk, but it’s a roots performance not quite like any other that deserves a pair of eyes and ears.” - For Folk’s Sake, Jonathan Frahm


“Each song on the album is a mini story—a snapshot which offers a tantalizing glimpse at a much larger narrative…Waks’ commitment to treating her subjects with authenticity gives the entirety of Tales from a Room a legitimacy rare among debuts.” - Big Takeover, Cody Conard


 “Tales from a Room is the debut album from Miriam Waks and it’s as beautiful as she is. Her style blends soul blues with country and rock, and it works…Each of the songs on the album are different from one another in many aspects. The stories are disparate, the melodies are unique and each song is practically a different genre. Waks is an immensely talented musician who lovingly takes us with her on her journey out of her room and into the world.” - East Coast Rocker, Dottie Paris


“..the off-the-bat impression that (Back to the Jungle) evokes is perfectly summed up by a singular word: ‘cool.’ Then, Waks herself comes into the track, laying her evocative vocals down in a way that feels reminiscent of the jazz singers upon which New York City established its musical foundation.” - No Depression, Jonathan Frahm

“Her voice, itself, is potent, attractive and accurate, and she has natural charm.” - Sydney Morning Herald, John Shand

“Waksing Lyrical is an elegant, sophisticated debut album from Sydney’s Miriam Waks. her diction is perfect, regardless of the language she’s singing in (and her linguistic skills are nicely showcased). You get every word, which is rare in an age of overwhelming production values.” - Cry Me a Torch Song (The Art of the Torch Singer), Piers Ford


“Miriam Waks has one of the most well crafted voices that we have showcased in our 25 years of live performances at Grasso's.”  - Grasso’s Restaurant

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